Dedicated Care attendant


Dedicated Care attendant

A disease always comes suddenly. Not every family has the opportunity to put aside everyday affairs and work aside and take on obligations to care for the sick. With us, you will find a highly qualified caretaker with accommodation for the patient at home, which will provide complete care for your loved ones.

RK Patient Care Services is provides highly-skilled, & compassionate caretaker in Delhi NCR on a long or short duration or per basis. They work closely with the Patient, their family members to maintain the patient’s health, and prevent further illness and injury. Our nurses conduct patient and environment assessments, and coordinate care with all team members.

They provide treatment and educate patients and other caregivers on the disease or injury process, treatment plan, medications, diet and nutrition, Assistance in Activities of daily living, foot care, catheter change, wound care (Diabetic wound dressing, post-operative dressings), oxygen administration and general nursing care.

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